How an osteopath can help with abdominal situations

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Osteopatia abdominal

The first visceral techniques were described by Thure, Brandt and Staffer. Visceral osteopathy is a discipline that had its beginnings in France, and is practiced today in all countries where osteopathy has a privileged place in the world of health.

The viscera and internal organs of the human body have a direct relationship with the functional unit.

The fascia, via their system of support, are connected to the body´s structure, and call on the skeletal muscle plan. On a reflective level they are related to the spinal irritative foci on the different visceral and organic structures.

Causes of visceral injuries:

* spinal injuries
* surgical operations
* eating habits
* infections

The proper functioning of the viscera is tied to its physiological mobility, good blood flow, and proper nerve connections, which affect the sliding surfaces and create adhesions and changes to elasticity, altering movement and physiology of both the organs and the viscera. Visceral diagnosis and treatment are focused on the sliding surfaces, membranes that surround the viscera.

If there is any change in the effected areas, the membranes can dry out, producing adhesions and altering the lubrication and normal functioning of the organ.

It is commonly said that the viscera can present reversible functional, or irreversible organic, disorders, and that the osteopath is dedicated to functional disorders. But in fact, it is much more complex than this, as there are situations where functional and organic disorders are mixed.

Pre-menstrual syndrome:

During the reproductive life of a woman, her health is highly affected by the balance of the sex hormones: estrogens and progesterone. When these are out of balance, problems can occur, such as loss of sexual desire, irregular or heavy menstruation, fibromas, breast cysts, endometriosis, infertility, pre-menstrual syndrome, retention of water, and weight gain.

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