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Comprehensive Osteopathy

  • Structural osteopathy: Therapeutic manipulation of the fascia tissues, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints.
  • Visceral osteopathy: External therapeutic manipulation of the tissue of the abdomen, thorax, and pelvis.
  • Craneo-sacral osteopathy: Very subtle manipulations that seek to free tensions that partially block the nervous system.
  • Osteopathy at home


  • Sports
  • Therapeutic
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu


Bioptron phototherapy is a form of polarized light therapy in order to stimulate microcirculation.

What advantage is phototherapy?

To stimulate microcirculation, increase the speed of recovery processes.

For this type of therapy have created a pack 150€ which are 10 sessions.


This type of therapy focuses on the regulation of wellness through massage points on the soles of the feet. Points are reflections of organs.

This method normally he added as an adjunct to standard therapies, but also a practical manual mode individually.

The usual practice is four individual sessions, I created a wrapper for this type with a price of 180€ for 4 sessions.


At the Quiros Center we work with the best natural products. We work with Jenny Natural Products, looking for maximum effectiveness and safety in their phyto-cosmetics and cosmetics offering the best skin therapy. They prepare their formulations with the maximum and appropriate amount of essential oils, specific active ingredients, and most importantly, plant extracts and hydrolates made in their laboratories.

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