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In our work, as in life itself, it is not about understanding, it´s about feeling.



enter for Comprehensive Osteopathy and Massages giving support for the recovery of function and the prevention of work and sports injuries. Since 1994. Experienced and professional. Put yourself in the best hands. We have centers in Sabadell, Pals, and Torroella de Montgrí. Brief history of Osteopathy.

Within our working parameters following the philosophy osteopatique dedicate all our efforts on:

Supporting recovery and prevention of disorders and muscle or joint produced in labor, sports activities or accidents.

Recovery dysfunction sometimes is heavy and there will be a good relationship between the two parties and follow our advice not to lengthen your recovery time too. Keep in mind that during our intervention there are changes in habits to follow, if not followed could stand in the good recovery.

Our preventive task is basically to reduce the structural imbalances that are usually the cause disturbances or illness. These imbalances may manifest with small blocks to joint or muscle level, as a string of knots, such as around the spine, or with stress overload. This causes unnecessary wear energy, which translates to an added fatigue and a regular workday. We can save if we have a proper preventive program such as manual therapy, osteopathy in our case.

Osteopathy is a practice that is based on the theory that all malfunctions are caused by a loss of structural integrity. Our studies encompass most of the manual techniques, from the base, muscle massage, fascial, tendons, ligaments, to the complexity of manipulations level: Articulate visceral, cranio-sacral and.

Our working method is aimed at all ages.

From a baby, to release one of the typical problems that gives much concern, such as colic …
Going through the age of adolescence, with the first structural integrity problems due to poor eating habits, intense physical activity and emotional … creating the first signs and symptoms of wear.
And finally in adults, where our practice will encourage welfare, avoiding the structural deterioration and restoring full integrity.

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