Observing the day-to-day


Often in the street or on the sidewalk, we suddenly stumble and shock our entire body. We even think that we might have crunched a bone, or all of them, but we don´t think it´s important and within 2 or 3 days, or at the same moment, we feel a pain that paralyzes us and we don´t know why–“if we haven´t make any effort”-.

This stumble could well be the cause of an imbalance, that must be corrected so as to prevent a series of dysfunctions.
Say it isn´t so!

Note one thing: the cause of the stumble is not our fault. It is the fault of the sidewalk that is damaged or sometimes poorly designed, but we don´t focus on that. It could be a vision problem that caused a miscalculation of the space, in a critical moment, or a problem with the cervical vertebrae that limits normal movement. If we have good overall balance this situation would not happen, as with good head movement together with good coordination of the field of view, we have a better view of the sidewalk.

Indeed, we could also save ourselves from injuries such as: twisted ankles, bumping into streetlamp poles, foolish falls, etc.

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