Muscle pain


A treatment doesn´t always have to have an immediate effect after the first session. Everything depends on each individual´s own ability to recuperate, which is related to our general state.

To facilitate recuperation, it´s necessary to follow the advice of your osteopath, at home or at work.

What are the main obstacles to a good recovery?

Among others:

Our natural ability to heal ourselves.
The longer there is an imbalance the more difficult it is to resolve.
Degenerative joint conditions that block freedom of movement, and forced or repetitive postures at work.
An excess of activity, without giving time for recovery, will put the work of the osteopath at risk.
Traumatic processes resulting from accidents. This must be evaluated more than normal, as these can have aftereffects in the short- or long-term.

How can the Osteopath help?
The first step is to free the circulatory dysfunction in the area, correct the nearby muscle chains, and unblock the joints.

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