Frequently asked questions


1. Why do you touch my back when my arm hurts?

A:   Very often a pain in the arm is caused by a problem in the back, whether a muscle coming down from the shoulder, or a nerve that emerges between the cervical vertebrae. So this indicates that it isn´t always the part of the body that hurts, in this case the arm, that is the injured part. You can look at the question entry in my blog related to this question.

2. Will I feel better?

A:   It is the patients themselves who must notice the change. From the first visit you can rank the effect of the treatment on your body from 1 to 10. As a therapist I can assess your mobility on the day you first enter my office compared to the next day.

3.  I made a small bad movement and now I have a terrible lumbar pain. Why?

A:   The small bad gesture has been the trigger for the condition, like the straw that broke the camel´s back. Furthermore, each individual is different; a small imbalance will affect some sooner than others.

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